• iOS application
    Got a great idea for an application?

    We can help you develop the concept, build the
    application and submit it to the App Store
  • Website
    Need a website?

    We can help you design, build and host your website

why choose us?


Our team consists of experts in business strategy, marketing and programming

  • We sit down to discuss your idea
  • Based on our experience we help refine the idea to develop a prototype
  • We have tested process to ensure that you are happy with each stage before proceeding to the next
  • You are kept fully informed on the progress with weekly updates

the process



Not sure what you want?

We can help you work out how to get started. We look at what is best for your business and your customers. We design a strategy to get best result from the time and money you have available.


We sit down with you and together create the why, how, what, when, who and where. Be warned - this is time consuming. We believe in ensuring that everyone is aware of exactly what is happening before starting.


We create a "paper" copy of exactly how your project is going to look. Each page or screen is detailed.


The project is then built. At times we will show examples to ensure usability and database integrity.


The project is tested on various platforms and hardware. Feedback from users is fed back into the build to ensure that the project meets the original specifications.


Fully documented source code is supplied at the end of the project. This is supplied with any training required.